Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My visit to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!

It's my favorite time of year ( outside of Christmas) :) - that's right. Garden time! We took a quick trip up to Mansfield, MO to Baker Creek Seed Company to get some of my favorite seeds.

It's such a fun little place to shop- and we try to venture that way in Spring.

This year I'm doing the basics, so far I've got cabbage, green onions, sweet onions and broccoli going! It won't be long until some of the other goodies I picked up will go into the ground. Look at the goodies for this year from Baker Creek!

YAY! Later in the season I'll buy some seedlings from a local greenhouse and I would like to pick up a few more blueberries if I can find some that fit within our budget!

I'm super excited to start getting some fresh fruits and veggies. I'm hoping to can and freeze a lot this year as well. I can almost taste a fresh cucumber, chilled with just a tiny bit of ground pepper on it. A nice crisp salad of mixed greens with a home made dressing.. Oh my- like I said, my favorite time of year.

What all have you gotten into the ground so far? What are you looking forward to most this gardening season?

Excited to say this post was featured on a great blog I love to follow!


  1. I've been to Baker Creek, too, and LOVED it there! Your post will be featured today at Tuesdays with a Twist. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Oh thank you! It is such a fun place. I've always wanted to go during one of their Spring Planting festivals but never seem to make it during those times.