Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on January Shopping for the month

Well I am happy to say that I have not been back to the grocery store since I did my January shopping. I just started making my February list and am pleasantly pleased. I didn't use a lot of the stuff I bought in January . There were a few things that I noticed.

- We eat a lot of leftovers. Just like tonight I made burritos with leftover chili from last night. Quick and easy and didn't actually "use up" any of the meals I can planned for the month. It was just a few tortillas which I always keep on hand anyways.

-We eat a lot of corn on the cob! I knew this, but this month reconfirmed it. Back in late summer I put up tons and tons of corn. Mostly on the cob since that is how we like it best. We've been eating it all month and it tastes very fresh and delicious just like when I put it up. We still have probably 75 ears left, although I doubt that last until our next corn harvest. This year I do plan on doing an early variety so that will help a bit.

-I bought a giant package of toilet paper ( 24 rolls) and we still have over 14 rolls left. We only have a week left in the month, so I could probably make due buying a 24 pack every other month. ( unless there is a super great sale of course).

- I ran out of cinnamon :(   Very sad. I was really liking making the cinnamon rolls with dough from my breadmaker and I didn't realize we were about out. I'll learn to do inventory better for next month.

There are several other little lessons I won't bore you with, but overall I'm pleased with my first montly attempt at once per month shopping. For around $185 I fed a family of 4 ( fed well, I should say), as well as bought toilet paper, and other household products. I also have to buy 2 jars of vitamins a month for the girls. Each jar last 2 weeks. This is something my husband kind of insists on since we are vegetarian. I realize it's not necessary but sometimes it's not worth the struggle. I had budgeted $285, so I still have $100 left in our grocery envelope. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with that, logic says savings, but I kind of am thinking of a few items from my wishlist at Lehman's :)


I'm making my list for February and can't wait to see how it goes next month.

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