Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday- prep day

I have a full time job during the week. I was a SAHM until last year, and even though I would still love to be at home with the girls, I really do love my job ( in the agri- nutrition sector !) and the girls have a private babysitter, so I'm pretty pleased with the arrangement. But anyways....

I try to get a lot done on Saturdays. I got up early this morning and went into town before anyone woke up and was back home before 8:00. There are several things that I did today that will help me during the week.

-The girls and I made a double batch of homeade chocolate chip cookies. That should last us the week.
- Made pizza dough and homeade pizza, for todays lunch and will have leftovers for dinner.
- one batch homeade pretzels for snacks throughout the week
- hardboiled and peeled a dozen eggs, for breakfasts, to add to salads, and the girls like to eat them sometimes for a snack
-Chopped mushrooms, onions, and lettuce and put in cute little Tupperware containers, ready for salads, sandwiches, and quesadillas for the week.
-Made 2 Spinach artichoke lasagnas. One will be for tomorrow for lunch and have at least one batch of leftovers for the week, and one was frozen and will be enjoyed another day.

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna Recipe
Please note this is not my own recipe, I got it several years ago, I'm not exactly sure where and have updated it a bit here and there.

-9 Lasagna noodles
-Ricotta cheese ( normally 10 oz)
- Parmasan cheese ( 1/2 c.)
-16 oz Pasta Sauce ( i used canned from our garden, it's kind of chunky)
- 12 oz frozen chopped spinach
-10 oz ( or about) artichoke hearts
- 2 eggs
- Topping ( we like a mixture of feta and parmasan)
-other things I normally add to the sauce are : garlic, onion powder, dried oregano, dried basil, parsley

Cook the noodles until al dente.
While noodles are cooking add pasta sauce, artichokes, spinach and spices to a large sauce pan and heat throughout.
In a seperate bowl add ricotta cheese, parmasan cheese and eggs and mix all together.

When everything has been heated and mixed, spray a glass casserole dish with non stick spray. Start by layering 3 noodles on the bottom. Pour one third of the pasta sauce mixture on top and spread evenly, then pour 1/3 of the cheese mixture on top and spread evenly. Then add 3 more noodles and repeat layers. Top layer should be the cheese mixture. On top of that add the feta and parmasan, then cover in foil and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. These freeze well and great as leftovers. The girls both love it and it's full of some yummy veggies.

What are some things you guys do to prepare for the upcoming week?


  1. I like the new layout on the blog. Sounds like you had a busy morning!
    Today was our run around day, so tomorrow I get to stay home and bake, put some soup fixin's in the crock pot and spend time in the yard. I love Sundays! Enjoy!

  2. Thank you, everyone else that I visit has great looking blogs, I'm still learning, but hopefully will get mine down soon.