Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Survival Kit- Sale at Eversave

I have bought a few things from Eversave, which is similiar to Groupon. Anyways, todays deal is a $50 Survival preparedness kit for half price. Although most of us probably have a more comprehensive survival kit than this , this would be great for a college student, friends, families etc. I normally don't post "good deals" but this is a good one I think, that might be helpful to some of my readers.

So to get started go to Eversave and sign up. You should get a $5 credit to use, and you can use it for this deal. No shipping either!
I'm going to get one for my little brother's car. He is 16 and invincible and would never put one of these together himself, but I think he needs one.

PS: When you sign up you can use whatever city is closest to you. This particular deal is found in Memphis though, and anyone can use it, not just those in Memphis. ( I'm not in Memphis and mine when through fine).

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