Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring Seeds, so exciting

Yes, I am aware that I am a total nerd. I get that.

Today I made several seed orders for the upcoming year. I get a pretty good shopping high off it it I must say. Some women like to buy shoes, me- I love my seeds.

So today I made an order for 1 lb of corn from Gurneys. This is a Sweet Corn that we really like. It's called "Gotta Have it" and we love it. It's great to freeze on the cob , and in fact last year I froze over 200 ears. Just ears, that doesn't count what I cut of the cob. So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. If the weather cooperates we will have a year's worth of corn for our family , and several others for less than $12. ( My Gurney's catalog came with a free $20 off coupon, so that is why it's only $12).

I also made an order from Totally Tomato. They have some really fun seeds that we will start inside then plant later in the spring. I ordered my very favorite Tomato the Snowberry, which is a tiny , sweet little yellow tomato. These are PERFECT for the girls to pick right off the vine and eat. They are also great in salads and stirfry. I also ordered several varieties of Salsa and canning tomatoes. I also ordered several "fun" varieties for the girls like the Purple Russian, which is similiar to the Roma, but it is a very nice purple color when ripe.
I ordered several varieties of peppers from them also. We can a lot of them for things like quesadillas, pizzas etc. We also use them to can in salsa. We enjoy eating them fresh too and I love the Sweet Bell peppers in salads, stir fry, and stuffing them for baked peppers.

To round things out I ordered radishes, carrots, several varieties of squash and cucumbers, and some lettuce mixes.

Such fun.

I know plan on ordering some flowers, herbs, beans, other vegetables such as okra, zuchinni, onions, etc. fruit bushes ( we can never have enough blueberry and blackberry bushes, LOVE them) and I'll probably be finished.  We had plenty of grapes and muscadines last year, so I don't think we'll be adding any more of those for a few years.

I'll spend less than $100 total for seeds and plants, which may seem like a lot to some people, but it will be used for many families other than our own, and will be our main food source during June and July, and will also serve for a ton of our food throughout the rest of the year.
Last year alone I myself put up over 100 jars of just jelly!

I have grand visions for this year. Looking forward to it for sure......


  1. I feel the excitement, trust me. Nerds rule!
    Can't wait to see the goodies crop up! Enjoy the shopping.

  2. Such a shopping high! I ordered most of my seeds this weekend, its so nice to have that done isn't it! New to your blog, looking forward to seeing the fruits & veggies of your hard work :)

  3. @ Farming Mama...
    Such a high... Love it. I'm so excited to get everything in. Thanks for checking me out!