Friday, December 31, 2010

January Shopping- Mission Accomplished

So I just got back from the grocery store and I'm pretty excited I must say. I got everything from my list ( which should be enough for the ENTIRE month of January for ......$153.xx!!!!! I must say I am pretty excited. I even got several things that were not on my list but were good deals. I got several non food items also that we need like an air filter, toilet paper and a really cute Christmas candle that was 75% off!

A few observations:
- we eat a lot of recipes that include tortillas, I really must leran to make these. I've made a few before, but I need to start making them in bulk. We eat a ton of tortillas, and that ate up about $12 of my grocery budget for the month.
- I'm ready for spring and summer when we can actually grow more ourselves, I spent probably $20 this month on fresh produce. I really wanted the fresh parsley, but I have so much that we dried ourselves that I had to pass....
- It's been so long that I've bought that much at the grocery store at one time, and $153 really fills up a cart
- My husband insists on vitamins for the girls since they don't eat meat. I can't argue with him, so that was about $10 of my monthly budget. They had a Buy one get one sale on the vitamins we like, and I had coupons, so it worked out nicely.

I still have about $120 left for the month!!! I know I'll have to pick up maybe another gallon of milk in a few weeks but that honestly should be all. Any money left over will go directly into savings for something special.

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