Friday, December 10, 2010

Is it too early for New Year's Resolutions?

Yes, I know that you can make resolutions at any time during the year, but it seems like at the close of the year is when most people seem to really reflect. There are some things that I'm happy with that have happened this last year, and some things that I would like to improve upon. Years really do fly by don't  they though?

1) Cash use: we actually did quite well on this last year but I would like to continue our practice of using cash for purchases. I'm not talking about using cash instead of credit cards, because we do that already, I am talking about using cash instead of debit cards or checks. It's very easy to go to a store and spend more money that expected or budgeted for, if you are simply swiping your debit card. So I want to work on that.We have a pretty cool little envelope system going that I replenish at every pay check. Left over envelope money goes into savings accounts. And while we are talking about money, I really want to agonize over each and every purchase we make. Is it needed, is it useful, it is the best deal we can get, will it last???? All of these questions need to be asked before each and every purchase, and my husband and I aren't doing too well with that.

I know that many of you are trying to enhance your economic situation also in the coming year. Good luck with that and let me know how it goes okay?

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