Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homeade Bread Crumbs - Yummy

Not only are they delish, but so easy! I started out with homeade bread, it was a couple of days old, but certainly not stale yet. I had made several new loaves today to eat during the holidays, so I thought I would make breadcrumbs with the older loaf. I put what I had on a cookie sheet ( yes I know it's ugly and I need a new one).

Then baked for about 15 minutes in 300 degree oven.

Take them out and tear  them into small peices and put it in the food processor, or blender or whatever you use.

Pulverize it, then you can either freeze it, put it in a mason jar with a lid, or put it in a Tupperware type container with a tight fitting lid.

Things to use your breadcrumbs on:
- venison parmisan
- breading fish
- breading veggies
- adding to fresh salad for a tiny bit of a crunch
- add to the top of lasagna, casseroles and such

What are some things you like to use your breadcrumbs for?


  1. We have a gluten-free member in our house, so we use special crumbs for turkey meatloaf or burgers or making chicken fingers. Never thought of breading fish with it, I'll have to try that!

  2. Yes it makes it a little crunchier. Instead of dipping the fish fillets in the flour mixture, just dip it in the breadcrumb mixture.