Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carrots and Turnips oh my!

We had a fun day today. It's not too incredibly cold, and it wasn't raining so we took the opportunity to play outside.

My dad called this morning and asked me if I wanted to go Crappie fishing. OF COURSE! So off I went to the lake with Dad. Great time, great fellowship and great fish! Yummy, can't wait to fry up some fillets tonight!

Then we went to the turnip field. We have entirely too many, but of course we always do. Here is a pic of the girls with some they helped harvest.

Yes that is our goat Clifford in the picture above. Him and our dog Waffle follow us everywhere.

Then we went and harvested a few carrots. We were actually pretty suprised we still had some, we thought we had gotten them all a while back. But here is a picture of the girls with their carrots. You have to look really carefully in order to see them, but they are certainly holding tiny little carrots.

That's my green arm in the corner, with a few more carrots :)
So tonight for dinner, fish, turnips, a green salad with carrots and probably some corn on the cob from the freezer, from what I put up back in the summer! Man I love this life!

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