Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I miss Mayberry....

Well, maybe I don't actually miss it, but long for it. I've never been to Mayberry, and I'm too young to actually recall those days, but I do long for it somedays. I enjoy the Andy Griffith Show, and it is one of the few shows that my husband and I watch.

I'm actually probably luckier than most. I still live in a very small country community, where neighbors still know each other and help each other out. I still wave at them when we pass by on the 2 lane road as we are heading into "town". The next larget town does have several grocery stores and hardware stores and restraunts, but the little community that I live in doesn't have anything.

Up until about 5 years ago there was a tiny country store, where you could get gas, milk and fish bait :).It's actually where my husband and I met. I was working there while I was in high school, and knew EVERYONE that set foot in the tiny bait store/gas station, and my husband actually lived in the neighboring big town and went to college at that time. He built houses on his day off from school during the week, and on Saturdays worked at this tiny little gas station. We always tease each other saying we fell in love over the minnow tank. Not much of a tease though since it is basically true.

Our church is in our community, as well as both my parents and my husband's parents. It's so nice to have such a close little group of loved ones so close by. Our girls get a chance to really see their grandparents.

I also realize that my girls are really lucky also. At lucky in my sense of the word. They have space that they can have animals, ( chickens, goat, rabbits, guinea pigs, cat, dogs, oh my!), they have a pond where we can lazily fish at on summer afternoons, they have a tire swing, they have fruit trees and nut trees and large gardens to explore.

So maybe I don't miss Mayberry after all, maybe I'm closer to Mayberry than I realized.

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