Saturday, April 16, 2016

Look what $5.85 got me: Yard sales and book sale

Ah yes, garage sale season....

It has started here.

I'm not one to just go out and shop all day, but every so often I like to go see if I can find anything.

The first stop was a church wide sale in their gym that was raising money to go on a mission trip.

These two dresses are light and airy and 50 cents EACH. My daughters wear the same size right now, so these should make super sweet dresses for this summer. 

There were two books at this stop, one is a cross words puzzle book and the other is titled " A one Room School" and is kind of a historical book.  The books were .25 cents each. 
 These shorts look brand new to me and are an appropriate length. I paid $1 each for these shorts for my daughters.

Total at stop #1: $3.50

The next stop was actually from our local county library. I went to get a few books to read for myself and the kiddos and they were having a book sale. I found the 6 books above and thought they might be .50 cents a peice or something. Oh no, they were. 10 cents EACH. .60 cents total for the books above... Crazy. 

Total at Stop #2: $0.60

The next stop I saw on the way home at an individual home, I pulled in and they had some of the books like my youngest daughter likes, and a book that I thought I might like. These books were $.25 cents each. 

Total at Stop #3: $1.75

The kids were all excited to get their new books, and even about their shorts... 

Total for all three stops for 15 books, 2 nice dresses and 2 nice pairs of shorts: $5.85!!!!

Happy Homesteading Y'all.