Monday, December 1, 2014

Perfectly Posh, Natural Based Skin Care- No Parafins, uses essential oils, SALE RIGHT NOW

First of all, I love Posh!
I have been selling it for a while now and it brings in extra income which is a plus of course, plus I love the products. I find that they fulfill a need that many customers have, naturally based products, made in America, that are luxurious and pampering.

I wanted to share with you today because we are having an amazing Cyber Monday Sale.
FREE SHIPPING!!! You get free shipping on each order no matter how big or small.
We also have some great sales.

This is a great healing hand crème, perfect for dry hands, chapped, cracked etc. A very light fragrance so could be for men or women! Just $11 right now at Posh!

We also have Skin Sticks such as The Healer, The Caffeinator and Wakey Wakey which are filled with shea butter and essential oils that you simply rub on yourself for great healing properties. They are on sale for only $10 right now and remember free shipping.

Please take a look at my website and if you would like to join I would love to have you , this company treats you right. We get generous commissions ( paid weekly!!!!) and also great incentives. I find that these products are great within my circle of friends. More naturally based, quality ingredients and products we use.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Review- Homeward Bound by Emily Matchar

So we all know I like to read. I recently finished this book called "Homeward Bound" written by Emily Matchar.
I enjoyed the book. It was interesting. I honestly found it a wee bit difficult to really get lost in, but it was still interesting enough that I finished it. It's kind of a book that I feel like has been done before.... The typical women used to do all the hard work, then feminism said they needed to get careers, so they did, now we are seeing a shift back to women being the domestic spouse and kind of an uprising of bloggers and authors and a new generation of stay at home moms that are knitting and making gluten free cupcakes and are DIY everything they find on Pinterest.
There was a lot of good historical information and figures about women and how they have always kind of fit into society and some new data suggesting a shift to being at home once again. Or maybe working part time or even working from home.

With all that being said, do I recommend it? Yes, I think I would. It was a different type of read, it was fascinating in parts and had a great kind of sociological background in everything she wrote about. It was good :) Now, as soon as those cupcakes come out of the oven, go get it from the library!

Happy Homesteading Ya'll!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our vacation to the Smoky Mountains: Tennesee and North Carolina

So I have been having trouble inserting pictures into my blog, so that is why I haven't had many new posts lately. Anyways I may have figured it out and wanted to share pics of the most recent family vacation we went on. It was my husband and myself, our 3 kiddos and my parents.  
I've always wanted to hike the Applachian Trail, but have never done it. Of course it takes like 6 months to do the full length, but we at least did a very small portion of it on our trip.

 So fantastic.

 I guess my hubby and my mother were ahead of us, but here is the rest of the crew. It was beautiful weather and the kids loved being able to explore.

 Cade's Cove is a must see. Honestly I would put it on your bucket list if you are into that sort of list making thing. It was a fantastic journey. It's a several mile loop that has historic homesteads, churches and buildings you can explore.

 This has to be one of my favorite pictures. I made it into a large canvas. I just love the kids running and that memory will be in my head forever. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, the air is so fresh and the sounds of the little ones laughing. I would take this over Disney World any day. Any. Day.

We stayed 10 days and drove on into North Carolina. It was truly a wonderful experience and we would all love to go back. Until next time...
Happy Homesteading!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review- Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

I recently read the book Zero Waste Home.

I read it quite quickly and enjoyed it greatly. Basically it's about a woman in San Fran that has eliminated virtually all waste from her home. I mean this lady has got. it. down.

She shops at a bulk food store where she uses reusable jars for things like meats and dry bulk goods. She uses jars to fill up her glass shampoo jars from the bulk section. Her fruit of course goes into reusable produce bags.

She makes paper from her kids school work paper they bring home.

She also has great lists for a minimal household. Things like a complete wardrobe with minimal pieces and what you actually need in a functioning kitchen.

I really enjoyed the book and got some great ideas. I do recommend it, as it is a very interesting read.

I live in a small town, and I live even farther out into the country, so the likelihood of me being able to find somewhere that sells bulk household products and even food sometimes is difficult. I don't think it is realistic to think I'm going to make my own paper from my kid's paper scraps, however I think there are some alternatives mentioned in her book that I could do.

It made me think of ways that I could do better. Ways I could really cut down on my trash. Some of the things ( like composting) I already do, but other things have given me great insight and I'm now trying out for my own family.

Read this. I think you will like it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Knowing what matters

We live right in the middle of where the recent EF4 Tornado came through about 3 weeks ago. We were in the storm cellar, with my husband, brothers and dad pushing against the door to keep it closed. We felt it come over, heard it, felt the air sucked up from the cellar. Let me tell you, it was scary!

Once it was over, we peeked outside and saw trees down everywhere, debris was everywhere but our house, as well as my parents ( right down the road) were all safe. A few out buildings were gone, and many trees but we are VERY thankful we are all okay. We looked and could see that the path was probably less than 500 yards from us....

My thoughts immediatly turned to our family friend/ babysitter. We could tell her house was in the path of the storm. She is such a precious lady and has watched our kids for the last 5 years.

I texted her immediatly to ask how they were...

She texted me back " We are all okay! So thankful!!!""

So, like all good country boys, my dad, brothers and husband go out with their chain saws and tractors/4 wheelers to check on neighbors. They got back in about 2 a.m and my husband tells me that our babysitter's home, barn, camper, and all of their other outbuilding like their sheds, goat pens etc were gone....


I guess what struck me was that in the midst of total MATERIAL devastation, she told me " We are all okay, so thankful!!!"

I wrongly assumed, that she meant their home was safe as well. She later told me that in the sheer and utter chaos there was nothing to do but thank the good Lord that her family was okay. They were in the cellar as well.

Our community has come together. We have grieved the loss of friends and community together. We have relied, not on FEMA, not on the Red Cross, not on any other government agency to help. We have helped each other and are relying on our friends and family during this time.

So two lessons in the midst of this storm
1- Make sure you have a cellar
2- Know what matters


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Saving Money on HEALTHY foods: No coupons required
It's difficult sometimes to find coupons for things like fresh fruits, vegetables, things that are healthy you know? Saving Star is great and I've been using it for a while now. It's great for a few reasons:
1. No coupons to clip: you simply log into your account and it puts the coupons you want onto your shoppers card. When you purchase certain items it goes into your account, when you get $5 you cash out. I always use it to get Amazon cards.
2. They offer a new fruit or vegettable EACH week. So this week you get 20% back on yellow onions. They have done bananas, sweet potatoes, asparagus, apples, all kinds of great items.
3. On Friday of each week they offer a FREEBIE. Some are healthier than others but I have found several items that my family likes.
4. So EASY. So EASY.
Honestly, you should really sign up. Just give it a try. Totally free . Click here to sign up!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I won! Thank you to Stone Cottage Adventures


I linked up with the Great Blog Train Giveaway and I won this amazing prize from Marci at Stone Cottage Adventures.

I love the handmade soaps, and look at the cute little bags they came in. She also included some wonderful tea bags. Such a fun treat and thank you so much Marci.