Saturday, August 20, 2016

A rainy ( but productive) Saturday

It's been raining here a lot... We are not in the flood zones; our thoughts and prayers are with those in Louisiana though.

I got up early and had some coffee and read a bit. Then my oldest daughter went to collect eggs. We have quite the stockpile so I decided to make and freeze some breakfast burritos for breakfast next week.

I had some home made sausage from a wild boar we got last year and then added some  bell peppers from the garden with about a dozen eggs and wrapped them up in a nice flour tortilla. Then I wrapped them in foil and put them in a big baggie and put in the freezer. Bam; 10 breakfasts ready to go....

I then made about 3-4 dozen home made chocolate chip cookies, which will be yummy snacks for us all next week.

Lunch was tacos made with deer meat, tortillas, black beans and peppers on mine and hubbies, no peppers for the kids.

I made 2 gallons of tea to drink for the next few days. Un sweetened , but my kids don't really know what sweet tea is to taste like, so they don't know..

Other updates around the homestead:

Our pears which normally are amazingly abundant seem to be lacking this year and on top of that there appears to be an insane amount of squirrels that are eating them... I'm not sure how many we'll get.

We are still getting a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden, but the main harvests of our summer crops are mostly over.

We are still getting eggs daily which is a blessing.

The muscadines and grapes also aren't doing as well as normal. I'm hoping for enough for some jelly and juice...

What's going on around YOUR homestead???

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Are you in love with beauty and spa products? But not so much with the ingredients?

I think I've had this picture in my mind that in order to be a "real" homesteader and to be super crunchy and green, women had to forgo all the luxurious, amazing smelling, beautiful beauty and bath products. But that is totally not true.

I love nice long baths.

I love a good face mask.

I love soft lips and hair.

I love a good lotion.

I love a wonderful soap.

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Posh products are that they are free of a lot of those weird crazy ingredients that I try to avoid and that they are made in the USA. I would appreciate it if you would check out my site here . There are so many wonderful items and they are buy 5 get the 6th Free and also $5 shipping no matter how much you buy.

If you are looking for a way to earn a few ( or a lot) of extra dollars around the homestead I have found Posh to do the trick. I have found it easy to sell because people love it and it's practical. They have a great commission plan and treat their consultants so well. For example, most companies you can earn free products ( which Posh does also) but you also earn Posh points which are good for a huge variety of items like electronics, travel, gift cards, toys for the kiddos etc. I got a Keurig for my office with my Posh points last month!

Thanks for checking out my site at

Please let me know how I might can help you, if you have questions about signing up to sell, or questions about products.

Happy Homesteading Y'all.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Going out to eat: What does it really cost??

I think we all can pretty much agree that eating out is expensive! Normally it's not a very good choice as for as our health either. As a Registered Dietitian I have clients come to see me to discuss weight loss or healthful eating habits and they tell me that eating out is so much cheaper and easier than cooking. WRONG. 
First of all, let me just say I get it. I have three kids, am married and both my husband and I work outside of the home ( me for 9 months, him all year) so I understand the need to manage time. Even more than that though I. am. cheap frugal. For our family of 5 to go out to eat at a fast food restaurant like Wendy's or McDonald's it is going to cost us between $26-$30. ( I looked up menu prices online). 

Today, after the kids dentist appointments I made a quick stop at Kroger to pick up a few things. My total was $36.83. That got me thinking about how in just one meal, my family could spend that on fast food. If we went to a "nicer" place to eat it could easily be $45-$50 including tip.

So what did I get today at Kroger for only $36.xx. See below!


 So for protein there is the Dark Silk Almond Milk ( it's so delicious), some Stonyfield plain Yogurt and some Swiss cheese discounted from the deli. It's a yummy spreadable type I'll use on veggies and stuff. 

 And the fruit, oh the fruit. That's right guys I got the above fruits and veggies. It includes 2 quarts of strawberries, 7 granny smith apples, 7 red delicious apples, 7 peaches and a bunch of organic carrots. 

 Then for treats I got a big bag of trail mix, some dried pineapple and a bag of granola. We also got about $3.xx worth of chocolate covered almonds we shared in the car on the way home. 

Now I understand that there are things in my pantry that will help make the above foods into meals, but just think, would you rather your family have a greasy burger and stale fries and a soda, or have ALL of the above food. That will last me and kids for snacks for a while, and the yogurt and granola and fruit will serve it's purpose for  breakfasts and side items. The carrots I'll chop and eat with the cheese . 

Hey guys, if you are worried about your health, your finances (or both) then just grab a shopping bag.

Happy Homesteading! 

P.S. I used cute little reusable produce bags for the fruits and veggies and the dried pineapple, in an effort to reduce waste. I have more I didn't have with me, so next time I'll be sure to bring them ALL so I can reduce our waste even more. 

Back to school shopping with ThredUp! You get $10 to sign up

You may be starting to think about back to school shopping. Or just clothes for your littles in general. You need to be looking at ThredUp.

ThredUp actually has clothes for men, women and kids of all sizes. They are preused ( although some I have gotten new with tags!). You get great prices. I like ThredUp for a few reasons:

You can request to have a clean out bag sent to you, and then send them your clothing.They will resell it for you and send you a check. I myself have never done this, but I have known a few people that have and have been fairly happy.

I love that these clothes are being basically recycled, there is no need to buy new if you don't have to. You are getting some great deals!

You can shop from your pajamas and get some AMAZING deals. I just got the following for my oldest daughter.

The jean jacket is here favorite ( she is beginning to really enjoy clothes). I got all three items ( the shirt is new with tags) for $18.96 which included shipping! However I had some credits in my account of $20 that I got for sharing my link with others and having them sign up, so my entire order was FREE!!!

You can't beat FREE. 

Sign up through my link and you get $10 to shop with!!! Free $10. If nothing else you could get yourself a nice scarf or something for totally Free. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Harvesting around the homestead today: May 30th

The song that comes to mind is " Thank you Lord, for your Blessings on me". 

We are beginning to see some color on our tomatoes so it shouldn't be long on those and we have lots of little peppers. We continue to get 7-8 eggs per day and today I harvested more broccoli and our first zucchinni and poblano pepper. I also got a nice green onion from the garden today.

I would estimate that if I bought these items from town ( organic and free range) I would have paid about $2.50 for the 8 eggs, maybe $3.50 for the broccoli, .20 cents for the onion and lets just say another .50 cents for the pepper and zucchini. That is about $7.00 give or take just today from our garden. Again, Thank you Lord, for your blessing on me!

I'll saute the broccoli, pepper, onion and zucchini up tonight for supper and will boil the eggs for the kids probably for snacks. Or we eat eggs about every morning for breakfast so they may end up in the breakfast plate.

We have one of our chickens trying to set, and she has several eggs under her. This is her first time though and she keeps changing nests so we will see what happens.

I also have one rabbit that should have been bred a while back, although she hasn't started building her nest yet, so it may not have taken.... I'll keep you updated.

Happy Homesteading Y'all!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Check in: How is this Homesteading thing going anyhow?

I've been blogging for a while ( not always super faithful but you know....) and I thought it would be good to see how things are coming along around the place...

Things that are going really good:
We'll start with the positive and see what good progress we have been making as a family.

1. We are living pretty simply. We have one TV in the house and only have Netflix. We watch on average less than one hour a day of TV and go many days without turning the sucker on. Since before we had kids my husband and I had a super expensive cable package and it seemed all we did was watch TV, I would say this is a definite plus in our home.

2. I've gotten really good at meal planning and keeping our groceries under control. I've been making our own bread, rolls and pizza crusts and planning accordingly for the things we need at the store. I know what I'm harvesting for the week and what I have canned or frozen so I can make a pretty good list. There are many weeks where we don't go to the store at all, and even more weeks where the only place I go is the Farmer's Market.

3. We love our chickens. The kids love 'em, my husband and I love 'em and they are keeping us stocked with eggs. They are fun, not too much trouble and we enjoy the eggs.

4. I've gotten good at canning!! That doesn't mean that I've canned all we needed for a year or anything like that, but I've gotten good at it. I know what to do and how to do it.

5. There are some things in the garden that we grow plenty of, at least for the last few years. Those items are muscadines, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. I've got all of those that I want.....

Things that are going okay:

There are also some things that are going good, not amazingly well, but I'm still pretty proud of.

1. Our gardens in general are doing well. Above I listed the things that we really have way too much of, enough to share, and even sell a bit. There are some other things though that we have just enough of. A little bit to share, and can even. Those items are squash, zucchinni, okra, cabbages, kale, lettuces, broccoli. corn and potatoes ( both sweet and white). We also normally ( some years are better than others) get enough pecans from our trees.

2. We ( as a family) are reading a lot and that makes me happy. Every Tuesday we head to the library for books. Even my husband is in on the action when he has time. All three of my children really enjoy reading and I of course do myself. I'm pleased with this aspect of our homesteading quest.

3. Our diets are good. You may recall that my profession is a Registered Dietitian and I am working on my PhD and even though we have always eaten pretty well, I can say that I'm pleased with the way we eat. We have lots of water bottles, we pack lunches and snacks when we travel, and I cook a lot. Are we 100% organic? No. I don't have a desire to be honestly. We aren't vegetarians or paleo or anything like that, but I am impressed with myself when I open up our pantries or the fridge or freezers. My kids aren't picky and we eat a variety of really delicious food.

4. We are watching our trash production. We use reusable items like dish clothes, napkins, even feminine items, as well as reusing what we can, recycling and donating or consigning items that no longer fit us.

5.We are composting! Not only do we have rabbit manure and grass clippings and leaves, but we compost our broccoli stems and apple cores and just all those little knick knacks from the kitchen. Our composting is coming in handy.

6. We have one bee hive and have done well with them I think. We should be ready to harvest our honey here in a few months.

Things that I'd like to work on:

1. We have plenty of pears and muscadines, but I'd like more fruit!! I always have enough blueberries, blackberries and strawberries for a few desserts a year and for us to snack on, and occasionally enough to freeze a bit or make some jam, but right now I'm getting our berries, apples and peaches from the farmer's markets or pick your own type places. I'd like to add more fruit to our homestead. 

2. I'd also like more corn and peas to add to our pantry and freezers. We eat a lot of corn, and I do put up quite a bit, but I think adding a few more rows of each would be helpful. 

3. I'd like to start making soap. I have plenty of herbs that I could dry and I bought a book off of Amazon about how to make cold press soap, but that's been it. I'd like to start experimenting with making our own soap. 

4. Last year I put up a ton of delicious pizza sauce, pasta sauce and salsa, this year I'd like to try my hand at vegetable soup. Last year I would just get a jar of stewed tomatoes and add frozen veggies and stuff to it, but those big quart jars of veggie soup I remember from my childhood are just calling my name. 

5. I'd like to try cheese making. I don't have a place to get good fresh milk right now, but I'm sure if I looked a little harder I could find someone local to get some milk from. I know you can make cheese from grocery store milk, but I would like some from a local farmer. 

If you've read this far. Bless you :). 

What are some things you are doing super well with on your homestead? What are some things you could work on?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's blooming around the homestead?

Some wildflowers. 

 I'm not super good at flowers. We have some mixed flowers planted as well as some sunflowers but they aren't blooming yet. There are a few pretty colors though around the homestead.  Enjoy and Happy Homesteading!