Monday, February 6, 2012

Canning club?

I just wanted o throw this idea out there and get some feedback. I know someone out there has done something similiar or a variation of this and has some good ideas.

My friend and I are starting a "canning club". My father in law has an amazing set up at his place that has a Health Department approved kitchen ( complete with 3 bin sinks, cooler, etc.) He uses this for his own personal canning, meat procurement etc. and my husband and I have used it many times also. There is an oven, stove, commercial dehydrator, meat grinder, and much more stuff in there.

So my friend and I want to start a monthly meeting time when we go over there and do something "homesteading-ey". Since we won't have any produce in February, we thought about doing soap ( which she is great at already) and perhaps laundry detergent . Once our gardens start producing we thought we would do bluberries, strawberries, plums, muscadines, peaches, pears, and then all the veggies from the garden.

I already can a ton of stuff but thought the idea of a monthly little club complete with snack food, good bluegrass on the radio and fellowship would make it even better. Plus 2 sets of hands are better than one.

We also thought that on months that not too much was going on we could do lots of baking and maybe make some freezer meals.

She also is very skilled at crocheting and knitting so I'm hoping some of that talent can be transferred to me..

So what do you think?? Anyone do something like this already? Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions? Can't wait to hear what you all think!