Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review- Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

I recently read the book Zero Waste Home.

I read it quite quickly and enjoyed it greatly. Basically it's about a woman in San Fran that has eliminated virtually all waste from her home. I mean this lady has got. it. down.

She shops at a bulk food store where she uses reusable jars for things like meats and dry bulk goods. She uses jars to fill up her glass shampoo jars from the bulk section. Her fruit of course goes into reusable produce bags.

She makes paper from her kids school work paper they bring home.

She also has great lists for a minimal household. Things like a complete wardrobe with minimal pieces and what you actually need in a functioning kitchen.

I really enjoyed the book and got some great ideas. I do recommend it, as it is a very interesting read.

I live in a small town, and I live even farther out into the country, so the likelihood of me being able to find somewhere that sells bulk household products and even food sometimes is difficult. I don't think it is realistic to think I'm going to make my own paper from my kid's paper scraps, however I think there are some alternatives mentioned in her book that I could do.

It made me think of ways that I could do better. Ways I could really cut down on my trash. Some of the things ( like composting) I already do, but other things have given me great insight and I'm now trying out for my own family.

Read this. I think you will like it.