Point, Cash Back and Reward Sites

I just wanted to share some of the sites I have ran across with my readers. Below are some great ways to earn cash back, points for prizes and gift cards etc.

Saving Star-  I really like Saving Star. You just add the items youwant to your Saving Star account then when you shop at your grocery store and buy those items, money is deposited into your account. No coupons to keep up with or anything. They have a variety of items available, so something for everyone. I cash out to my Amazon account.

Swagbucks- Site where you do searches, watch videos etc and earn points for gift cards and prizes. My favorite is the Amazon gift cards. I deposit them right into my account and wait for something I really want, or to buy holiday gifts.

Bing Rewards- Super easy way to gain points as you search. You get one point for every three searches. Again I always cash in for an Amazon gift card.

Irazoo- Get points for searching and watching vidoes. Get an easy 5 ponts per day by going to Earn points- then offers. Can get Amazon or paypal with this one.

GiftHulk- Earn money by opening the Treasure chest daily, the daily poll and more. Again, I use this to earn Amazon gift cards.

Ebates- the site I use for cashback on just about everything I buy online. You log into ebates, the click on the store you want to shop at. Get a percent cash back. Very easy.

Hopefully some of these will help you guys earn a bit of cash to stash away for a rainy day.

Happy Homesteading!

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