Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 9th-10th No Spend

Super busy weekend.

We have had a Bible Conference at church this weekend, beginning Friday night, then Saturday morning, Saturday night, this morning and tonight. We'll finish with a fellowship of finger foods tonight after the service.

Here is my spending from the weekend:
$32.xx for goat and chicken feed. The chickens give us eggs of course, and are pets for our kids, and I kind of like them.

One of the goats we have was a show goat at the fair last year for my oldest daughter, and we just like having them around. We have three total right now and are hoping for a few more in the Spring.

I can justify this small expense in my head though because we do get so much enjoyment from the animals. The eggs are just a bonus.

 Saturday was quite busy. The morning services at our church, then we went to a funeral visitation and service of a dear Saint of God, my Aunt. She was ready to go and her service was a joyous occasion. We ate lunch together as a family with food that folks provided, then back to church for the evening service.

Today was a brotherhood breakfast for my son and hubby ( plus my dad and uncle all attend our church, so it's quite precious). Tonight I'm making pigs in a blanket with some little cocktail weiners I had bought for a New Year's Eve party and never made.

No spend except for the animal feed on Friday!

I just got finished making a big pot of Taco Soup and more veggie stir fry for this upcoming week. I'm out of fresh produce now except for onions, potatoes and a few apples....

I'm pretty pleased about how we have been doing this month so far. We are a third in and we haven't spent anything on non necessities and have had a fine time spending time around the house.

I have the lunches made for me and hubby for all next week, and the girls will have lunches with leftover biscuits from breakfasts, pb&js, yogurts, fruit cups, home made treats, and maybe some muffins if I make any tonight.

I went overboard at an after Christmas sale and I bought 10 cans of organic pumpkin puree. I need to make some pumpkin muffins!!

I hope everyone is doing well, we had expectations of a light dusting of snow, but woke up to a cold drizzle rain. I hope everyone is nice and toasty.

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