Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our Spring Break Getaway to Oklahoma City

We went on a small getaway while the kids were out of school to Oklahoma City. It was about a 5-6 hour drive for us and the kids had never been to Oklahoma. We want to visit all 50 states with the kids, by the time the oldest one graduates. So off to Oklahoma we went.

First stop- The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
They had a great little kid's area. Here is a place that had a little cabin for the kids to play in, a pretend campfire that had dutch oven cooking stuff, a stage coach they could play in etc. It was very hands on and the kids had a blast.

This is a picture of the city that is set up inside the musuem. It's amazing. You feel like you literally step back in town. They have US Marshall's walking around in costume, they have jail cells you can get into. They also have a saloon, bank, church, school house, general store, post office and more.Super fun.
They had a bunk house where the kids could dress up in cowboy type clothes. The kids enjoyed dressing up. They had a lot of stuff for adults as well. Beautiful artwork from Western artists as well as Native Americans. Sculptures, paintings, weavings, jewelry and clothing.
Another place we visited was the Musuem of Osteology.Oh My Word!It was amazing. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but our family loved it.Such a learning experience for our little Scientists. They had complete skeletons from mice and fish all the way up to giraffes, whales and elephants. We looked for hours. Even little guy.

The flamingo above was fascinating. Their legs are just super awesome.

This was a little rabbit. We had a great discussion about the shape of the thighs and the legs and how that made them be able to hop.

Here is my biggest Science lover with a skeleton as big as she was.
It's important for us to travel, but we try to make it a learning experience and something the kids will remember. If you are close enough to OK City, it's a fascinating city and we could have stayed there several more days.
Happy Homesteading Ya'll!!

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  1. We went to the Western Heritage museum back in 2006. It was fun. The kids enjoyed it immensely. The cabin must be new because they had tents when we went. :)

    1. They had a great children's area that the kids all really loved. If we would have been just my husband and I , we could have stayed for a very long time looking at the art and such.