Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So it's a new month, how are my resolutions?

Wow! It's February people! I can't beleive it. I wanted to revisit my January Resolutions and see how things were going.

Here is what I wrote back in January....One of the things I would like to do ( and at least keep track of) is to "put up" 600 pints of goodies this year. This will include canned, frozen and dried. I've made this cute little ticker, although I'm not sure exactly how to keep up with it, but I'll try. Nothing happening here. I did pick up about a gallon of pecans that the I missed earlier and that the squirrels haven't gotten yet, but that was all I had in January. I won't count that towards my goal though. Spring is coming though and I'll become very busy then.

A few other things I would like to do this year

- complete 20 scrapbook pages - nothing here, I need to do our Christmas pages, fall pumpkin pictures and our snow pictures

- Read 10 books - Hey I have read a few books. You can see them on my book Review page. I read 2 books in January. My friend also just lent me her copy of The Radical Homemaker, so I hope to read that soon, and I have 2 more books from the library I am working on. So 2 out of 10.

- Make rock candy with the girls- Nothing here either. I think they will enjoy it though and I can't wait to try.

- Go camping at least 5 times this year- It's been too cold for us to go camping. We normally don't start until about March. Looking forward to it though!

-Plant the girls a large wildflower patch for them to make bouquets out of - I ordered some seeds and we have been talking about it, but we haven't planted yet. Looking forward to it though.

- plant 2 additional fruit or nut trees- Nothing here yet either. Still planning on it though. Maybe another pecan tree and maybe a nother fig tree?? I haven't decided yet.

- Earn at least $100 in Amazon codes from Swagbucks and/or Irazoo - use these for Christmas - I have $10 so far that I have earned from Swagbucks, and I have $5 pending from Irazoo, so let's just call it $15 out of the $100. Not bad.

-Make fresh, homeade peanut butter with the girls - :( wow this is kind of depressing. I haven't done this yet either.

- Host a giveaway on my blog - Nothing here, I have a few ideas though for something soon.

- have 50 followers on my blog - I have 16 followers out of the 50! Thanks guys!

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  1. I'd say that's a good start! You can't control the weather, so I'm sure once it warms up, you'll be scratchin' a few things off your list.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven't done one scrapbook page either. Just haven't been in the mood for it.