Saturday, February 26, 2011

Country Fellowship

Our location sometimes prevents us from socializing  a lot. We live off the "beaten path" ( which I love by the way) and it's a trip to get to our house for most of our friends. Besides that we are normally busy feeding animals, working etc. and we don't entertain THAT often.

So we do look forward to fellowship when the opportunity arises. Tonight at our church is the Men's Wildlife banquet. It's for men and boys only and they have it decorated very nicely, have someone come in that is an expert turkey and duck caller, have a spirtual speaker, and a few other speakers as well. My husband always looks forward to this time of fellowship with other Christian men. I've made Deer chili, a strawberry cake and jalepeno corn bread for him to take with him.

While he is there, another lady from our Sunday School class is having something for all the ladies and girls in our class at her home. Me and the girls are looking forward to that tonight also. I made Spinach enchiladas and Mississippi Mud brownies to take to this "Mexican theme" potluck.

I guess the point of my post is to encourage all of you homesteaders to find some fellowship you feel comfortable in. It's a great way to really relax and enjoy other's company. My oldest daughter also is in 4H now and that allows us for some fellowship with other likeminded folks. The kids can all play together and the growns ups can actually conversate with other grown ups.

I'm looking forward to a great day, and even though it's still a tad bit cool here, I'm enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. The Wildlife Banquet and Mexican Potluck both sound like a lot of fun with lots of yummies :) We get together with friends everyone in a while to eat and chat. Other than that we don't do much socializing either. It is very relaxing when we do though.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week.