Friday, February 18, 2011

Children and babies- frugal is key!

I understand that not everyone that reads my blog has children or babies.Some may, some may have grandchildren, or neices or nephews that would benefit. I want to tell you all about Rhea Lana's Children Consignment.

This isn't a typical consignment store, it is a huge weeklong event that just happens two times per year ( per location). There are events in Texas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinios, Indiana, Kansas, Louisana, Mississippi, Ohio,Missouri, and Tennesee. Most states have multiple locations.

I have been participating in this for about 6 years now, since I was pregnant with my first daughter. There are 2 really great components to this. The first is the fact that you can sell your old baby and kid clothing, toys, furniture, books, equipment etc and make some great money. You "tag" the items yourself and get to keep between 70%-80% of what you sell. At the end of the sale you get all your unsold stuff back! You get a check for your sold stuff in a matter of days also. I have had really great success selling my stuff here. The key is that literally THOUSANDS of mommas looking for a good deal will pass through during the week.

The second great component is that shopping there is such a pleasure. I buy the vast majority of my girls things there. I save a little money each month, and then twice a year go shopping! ( I normally make more money that I spend though anyways)  I bought the girls Easter dresses there last spring for $6 a peice, and they were absolutly gorgeous. I'm talking $50 dresses. They also have furniture ( I'm looking for a bunk bed this year), baby items like jumparoos, high chairs, pack and play type thingys, tons and tons of toys and books , maternity clothing and then so many baby and children clothes and shoes you wouldn't beleive it. All at yard sale prices.

So,  I don't get anything for referring you, I don't "earn" anything. I just wanted to pass along a wonderfully frugal idea that I hope someone can benefit from.

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