Saturday, January 19, 2013

My 3 Favorite Homesteading Magazines

I love to read. But, I have discovered that despite my desire to read long romantic classics by the fire placed , curled up with herbal tea, typically I only have a few minutes here or there to flip through a magazine while kids are yelling, biscuits are burning and a whole host of other chores are waiting to be finished. That is why MAGAZINES ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND. That's right folks, I now relish walking to the mailbox for my coveted treasure. I sneak away for a few minutes after dinner and can read an article , enough to energize me and fulfill my desire for print materials. I thought I would share with you all my top 3 magazines. Perhaps you could benefit from them, or at least gain enjoyment from them.
I will say though that IF you are going to order magazines ( and I order them rather than borrow from the library because I like to KEEP mine and reference them over and over) then I recommend ordering them from Ebates. Once you sign up there you can shop and get up to 26% cash back from your order. Great way to get magazines a bit cheaper.

1. Hobby Farm Home
 Hobby Farm Home Jan-Feb 2009
Yes, this is my favorite. It has all kinds of articles in it that just "fit" so well with my life. Last month they had an article on vintage Pyrex! They have amazing recipes that I always find myself trying, crafting projects, articles about raising animals and gardens, about keeping your home. It's my number 1 for sure. I would highly recommend this one. Soap Making, bath and herbal mixtures, canning, all the good stuff.

2. Hobby Farm
Hobby Farms - Current Issue
Hobby Farms is just as well written as Hobby Farm Home, but is a little less "home" and a little more " farm". They have more articles about animals, cows, horses, goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep etc. They have articles about equipment and gardening also though. I really enjoy this magazine.

3. Mother Earth News
Mother Earth News Cover
This one has been around for a while and it pretty awesome. It has more in it about greener living. Solar power, how to save on electricity, building greener homes etc. It still has recipes and gardening advice in it as well though.

Other magazines that I love but just didn't make my top 3 list include Organic Gardening, Vegetarian Times and GRIT. What are some magazines you enjoy and anxiously await each month?

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Happy Homesteading!


  1. Hi Rachel! Those are good choices! I like them all, but we don't have any magazine subscriptions. When I go to Tractor Supply, I scan through some magazines, and if I find one I really like, I'll purchase it. I like to read Mother Earth articles on line. I have a lot of magazine 'clutter', but it so hard to get rid of them! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Yes Tractor Supply is a trap for me. I always find so many things that I want :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. MEN is the perfect magazine, I only wish I had discovered it earlier! I also enjoy Organic Gardening and Living the Country Life (which happens to be free). I've found that any others I've tried have far too much advertising or useless information (like fashion, make-up tips, or expensive items that the average gal can't fit into a budget). Enjoy your stolen time! Reading is one of the best ways to fill it.

    1. I'll have to look into MEN I haven't heard of it before. I do like Organic Gardening and I don't remember where I signed up for it but I get Living the Country Life also. Gotta Love Free. I agree about fashion, make up and all the advertisements in most magazines. No thanks! Thanks for stopping by Daisy.

    2. Duh! MEN is Mother Earth News.

  3. I love these magazines! I also love MEN's new Mother Earth Living, Mary Janes Farm Journal and Whole Living Magazine

  4. I love the English Country Living magazine and Keepers At Home is my all time favourite! x