Friday, April 20, 2012

Get a year Free of Organic Gardening Mag

My friend sent me the link to the above good deal. If you send in 2 UPC's from Annie's product you get a year free of Organic Gardening Magazine. here is the link to print the form.
I buy Annie's stuff sometimes anyways, so getting a year free of a magazine I really like is just a bonus!

Another good deal is one from SavingStar. If you buy 10 cups of Stonyfield Organic Oikos Yogurt you get $5 back for you Amazon account. You have to link your store shopping rewards card to the account, which is how Savingstar knows that you purchased it. I have a Kroger card, but the site lists a ton of different stores that count.

I am so excited to see some deals like this coming out on good quality organic products. Normally promotions like this are for junky type food or processed stuff, but this is great! Enjoy.

Are there any other online deals such as the ones above you all have found on good quality products?

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