Monday, January 23, 2012

Being Neighborly

Last week on Wednesday my dear daughter ( who is 4) had to have some eye surgery. It was a relatively routine procedure, but she had to be under general anesthesia for it, she was in a lot of pain and just wanted to cuddle that evening when we got home.

At about 4 pm that evening I receive a call from a dear sweet lady that said she had prepared dinner for us that night and would now be a good time to bring it over. Of course my daughter that had just had the surgery couldn't eat, but I had the rest of the family to think of. I had planned on doing something quick and easy, but this was a huge blessing.

She brought over homeade macaroni and cheese, homeade rolls, green bean casserole, a big tossed salad,and a homeade chocolate cake. WOW! It felt so good just having some comfort food that night. We were all exhausted, and let's just face it, food can make you feel better.

It really was such a sweet gesture and I love that when there is any need in the community that someone is stepping up to help.
I hope that I can be a blessing to someone next time they may need a meal provided, due to illness, a new baby or whatever.

Do you provide meals to those in your community? Have you been blessed with a meal lately?

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1 comment:

  1. What a tremendous blessing.
    I've had opportunities to be on both sides of this type of and receiving graciously...all wonderful!
    You'll get the opportunity one day and it will be a nice life lesson for your little girl too.