Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Family Table

I grew up not knowing any better... I thought that all kids had dinner at night at the table with their families. I thought that all mothers cooked the evening meal and it was shared in a long drawn out enjoyable process.... But I have lived and learned that unfortunatly that is not always the case.

There has always been something very special about the kitchen table. Even though my children are still young ( 5, 4 and newborn) we have always made it a priority to eat dinner together nightly. On the weekends we also eat lunch there and most mornings we eat breakfast there, although now that the oldest is in school, normally my husband and I will eat together first, then she will get up and have her breakast a little later.

We talk about the day, we talk about the weather, we learn a lot about what happened in each other's day. It's a time that the phone isn't answered, the tv isn't on, the music isn't on and we just enjoy each other's company.

I really encourage all of you to get into the habit of having family meals together as often as you possibly can. It's such a precious time and I really think that it's something that as a culture we have gotten away from, and something we need to return to.

Do you all have special family meal times or special nights? ( I like to have lasagna on Sundays after church)?
Do you find family meal time to benefit the closeness of your family?

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