Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates from April

Okay, it's once again time for my monthly check in. April was full of craziness, we do live in the South and were involved with the tornadoes ( thankfully we were in the cellar), and flooding, but hopefully things will start to calm down a bit now.

Here is what I wrote back in January....One of the things I would like to do ( and at least keep track of) is to "put up" 600 pints of goodies this year. I'm @ 11 out of 600, as I put up a batch of strawberries. It's a start but 600 seems so far away!

A few other things I would like to do this year

- complete 20 scrapbook pages - nothing here, I need to do our Christmas pages, fall pumpkin pictures and our snow pictures, this normally happens the year AFTER, during the winter when i have some time to spread everything out and just do it.

- Read 10 books - Hey I have read a few books. You can see them on my book Review page. I am actually doing quite well on these, I've read 7 of the 10. This shouldn't be a problem. I realize that 10 isn't a lot, however with 2 babies, ( and one on the way) and an expanding homestead, I find it difficult to sneak in reading time.

- Make rock candy with the girls- Nothing here either. I think they will enjoy it though and I can't wait to try.

- Go camping at least 5 times this year- Nothing yet, it's just now beginning to be camping season, and we me being pregnant and the temperature being so humid and hot in our parts, we may not get to go often. My oldest daughter does have a 4H camping trip planned with my husband so that will be fun for them.

-Plant the girls a large wildflower patch for them to make bouquets out of - We have sprouts, we planted two large rows in the gardens of nothing but wildflowers. They seem to growing well. In the meantime, they are making do picking all my peonies, roses and violets....

- plant 2 additional fruit or nut trees- This was done back in my March updates. YAY!

- Earn at least $100 in Amazon codes from Swagbucks and/or Irazoo - use these for Christmas - I have earned from Swagbucks, and  from Irazoo, so let's just call it $25 out of the $100. Not bad.

-Make fresh, homeade peanut butter with the girls - :( wow this is kind of depressing. I haven't done this yet either.

- Host a giveaway on my blog - Nothing here, I have a few ideas though for something soon.

- have 50 followers on my blog - I have 26 followers out of the 50! Thanks guys! Not sure why I chose 50, but it seemed like a good number??

On a side note, we are getting more broccoli than we can handle, and I am passing it on to friends and family. I know we should use it up now as it is getting warmer here and the broccoli won't last. We are also getting cherries!! They are delicious, we just have to beat the birds to them.


  1. Very nice goals. I love having goals because they really do seem to help me keep on track. Congrats on the start of your 600 pints! The one goal I can help with is to become your newest follower. :)

  2. Thanks for being my newest follower! I'm excited to check out your blog and look forward to "getting to know you".

  3. Love the goals! I found you via the Homestead Barn Hop. I'm feeling inspired to see how many jars I'll put up this year. I've never kept track, but it sure sounds like fun.

    I'll also added myself as another follower to help you with your goal!

  4. Wow. 600 pints. Will you show us a picture when the goal is met? I'm impressed with the 11! :-) I am going to try to can this year for the first time. We'll see how it goes.

    I enjoy reading the blog!

  5. I try to show pictures as I go along. I've already given my uncle one pint of the strawberry jam, and it won't take us long this winter to go through the frozen strawberries!