Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chicken update

 Chickens are a staple around our place. We love them for 1) the eggs, 2) the companionship they bring to us, especially the girls and 3) the insect control around the gardens. So I had to share a picture of some new chickens we have.

We have 30 chicks right now, a mixture of Silkies, Koshen and Buff Orphintons.

Crossing our fingures they stay safe and warm and will not all be roosters!


  1. So cute!
    Are you familiar with most chicken breeds? We have no idea what we've got. If you are, could you let us know what you think we may have? It may be good to know.

    When we got them, they were not your normal yellow chicky-baby. But they were still oh so cute!

    Thank you!

  2. Very sweet picture :) This is our first year with chickens, I see what you mean. We've all become chicken lovers. We have 9 Barred Rock, and so far I'm for sure we have 1 Rooster, but there was another one trying to crow the other day. So I guess we will see!