Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Saturday!

As always! The Master Gardeners of our County are having their yearly plant sale, so me, hubby, the girls and my mother loaded up and drove into town. It was a great day for it and they had lots of great stuff. We bought too much as always but there were a few things I wanted to point out that we bought.

Chocolate Mint- This is a great little herb that I had seen and smelled in other people's gardens but up until today I had never owned one. They smell just like CHOCOLATE! It's an agressive herb so I planted in it's own little spot and it should spread pretty well. It's great ( so I've been told) in soaps and other homeade smelly goods as well as a great garnish on homeade ice creams and desserts.

I also bought 3 more blackberry bushes , we love our blackberries and every year we add several more and every year we say " we could use some more".

I also got some Cilantro plants. I planted a patch from seed and they are coming up fine, but these are larger and we use a lot of Cilantro in our salsa.

We are harvesting rainbow swiss chard now and are enjoying that for supper every night. The rainbow part is really such a draw for the girls. They love it!

We also are getting our own strawberries now, as well as broccoli, lettuces, green onions and radishes. I'm hoping next week to start picking a few cabbages.... yummy.

Until next time
- Happy Homesteading

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  1. I just love local plant shows! Enjoy your bounty!