Saturday, February 3, 2018

My Shopping Spree at Old Navy ( for $5.02)

So you may recall that we are in a load of debt that is insanity. Read about that here if you are so inclined.
You may also remember that in January we did NOT spend one cent on clothes for the family but I thought we might have some needs for the kiddos for this spring and summer.

So I received an email from Ebates that it was time for my quarterly cash out and that I could earn an additional 20% on my gift card balance if I cashed out with Old Navy. An extra 20% sounded nice and when I started looking at Old Navy I found several items that would be good for the kids this summer.

Side note: Ebates is a free site I would encourage you to sign up for where you get cash back online for your purchases. You then get money back either in paypal or in a gift card form. I would encourage you to sign up if you haven't yet and then use it whenever you shop online.

So I took my gift card and did some shopping. Old Navy was having 20% off any purchase and if you spent $50 then you got free shipping. My gift card was for $52.02.

I got the following items:
3 pairs of cotton elastic pull on shorts for my son. 1 in red, 1 in black and 1 in gray. That should be good to match little tshirts and he can wear them to school come spring and summer. He literally had ZERO shorts for this upcoming season so this was nice.
    product photo

I got 1 print shirt for my daughter -
who again is growing like a weed and will need some tshirts.
product photo

I then also got a very nice dress for the girls for spring/summer. They have 3 dresses between the 2 of them, then 2 skirts also that they share. They could use a good dress. 
product photo
Then I still had a few dollars left on my gift card and I needed to get it up to $50 to get free shipping. So I added 2 pair of fuzzy socks. I will put these in my "gift tote" in our closet. This will either go to my girls stockings at Christmas, used for a gift for my kid's friends etc.

So out of pocket was a total of $5.02. I feel like even at the Goodwill ( one dress is $5.00) that this was a good deal. I wasn't expecting the gift card and thought this would be a frugal way to use it.

Then on top of that I earned cash back from Ebates for shopping at Old Navy in the amount of $4.62. So that puts my NET price to be about 40 cents!!

In the past it would not have been anything for me to take the kids to Old Navy and buy each of them several outfits, myself a few things I didn't need etc. I'm proud of these purchases and feel like they will be put to good use!

What are you all doing frugally this week?

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