Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This is the post I hate to write.... how much debt do we have??

Oh. My. Goodness.

If you have followed me for very long you may recall that we are up to our eyeballs in debt.

I've debated putting out here how much we owe- but I have a feeling someone else may be struggling with debt as well. I hope it's not to the magnitude that ours is- but I have a feeling some of you may be struggling yourself.

So on December 31, 2017 we started with:

$152, 852 worth of debt.


This is NON Mortgage debt people. Sigh.

Even though I thought we were frugal  over the last few years - we weren't seeing any progress. So starting Jan 1st 2018 we did a budget ( followed it and did not buy ANYTHING at all we did not need. I have another post coming up about that soon, but just know that as of today January 31st- one month later we have paid off $1662!


That brings our non mortgage debt down to $151,378. It seems like only a drop in the bucket- but we have paid off more in one month than we did all of last year. That makes me both nauseated and hopeful all at once.


It's our first month and I realize that 30 days isn't that big of a deal but it does give me a glimmer of hope.

Some of you may be saving for a trip, or trying to pay off a loan of some sort, or saving for your kids college- but please feel free to join me on this journey. I'll be updating you monthly on our budget, our debt, etc. It is way outside of my comfort zone to put it out there- but I think I'll be more accountable to you guys and also maybe someone will find some encouragement through this blog.

Follow along guys! It's going to be a journey for sure around the homestead!


  1. Hey welcome to our little club. I have been doing this now for over 6 years and I am still going. Also read Digging out of debt one spoonful at a time. She started out with about as much as you have and she is doing great. We all share results and stories and it makes things easier for us.

    1. I will check out Digging out of debt. Thanks so much! Also yes we can do this together and I'm hoping that sharing will encourage EVERYONE!

  2. I owe just under 15 grand (do have a mortgage of 206 thousand). My husband is disabled (stage four cancer survivor - can not work). I also support my two grandchildren and daughter in our home (terrible divorce). So its only my income and it seems like such high expenses - and no - we dont go out to eat either, dont buy a lot of clothes, dont have cell phones, dont have gym memberships, dont buy coffee out) - what I do have is high utility bills in our nine room home, mortgage of 1700 a month, my taxes of 10 thousand a year (I am self employed), my almost 15 grand is student loan debt and credit card debt and medical debt from my husbands cancer that we are slowing chipping away at. I want to retire in 8 years when I am age 62 due to my RA (I have terrible pain, swelling in my joints) - so I want to debt free and have a few years to save money to have during my early retirement....

    1. Oh wow you do have a lot going on! The fact though that you are chipping away at your debt and not adding more though is great. We can do this!

    2. We sure can....slow and steady wins the race...!