Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No Spend January 5th ( and earning money through BING)

Yesterday was January 5th ( Tuesday)

The prep I did for our work lunches has proved successful as yesterday :
All of us had breakfast at home

Lunch was from home for me and husband ( see yesterday's post about prepping stirfy)

Lunch for the girls was a pb&j with home made muscadine jelly, a hard boiled egg for the oldest, greek yogurt from a large container, put into smaller reusable ones, with fresh blueberries for them to put in them, a bit more of the fresh pineapple from Santa ( that finished off the fresh pineapple) and a mini muffin that I had made this weekend.

Dinner was homeade pizza and a fresh salad ( we are about out of the salad mix I had, maybe one or two more meals out of it)

It was cold, but we all bundled up and went for a walk on our hill, then we came in and the kids had hot chocolate packets left over from a gift from their grandparents as a treat. 

We also got 5 eggs from our hens.

Things we spent money on :
nothing yesterday! not even gas!

I also wanted to mention some ways I am earning money ( of course outside of my job)
Today I wanted to highlight Bing

Bing is a search engine that basically gives you points to search. There are just a few ways to earn points on Bing:
1. You get points for searching ( you get one point for every two searches) up to 15 points per day
2. There are daily offers ranging from 3 points to about 6. These are one click per point
3. You can download the Bing mobile app and get an additional 10 points per day. I have it downloaded but have rarely used it, I forget.

You don't have to dowload a tool bar or anything. I just keep it in the background and when I need to search for something use it. It is super quick and easy to do. I normally cash out between $5 and -$10 a month on this. They have many options for payment, I just always get Amazon gift cards

I have $25.01 in my Amazon account right now, I'll update you as the year progresses. I like to use my Amazon for the holidays. 

How are you guys doing so far?

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