Monday, January 4, 2016

No Spend: January 4th

Today was the first day back after a break. I teach at a University so we get a long break at Christmas. It's wonderful to be off with the kids of course.

What we spent today ( other than normal bills like water, mortgage etc. ) 
- Hubby put $30 of gas in his car
- There was a carton of chocolate soy milk that went bad in the fridge I had to throw out, that was money down the drain ( literally)

What we didn't spend today
- Sent lunches with the older two girls to school ( homemade jelly with their pb and j's, and I cut up a pineapple we got from Santa at Christmas and put it in reusable containers instead of sending fruit cups, they drank water from their water bottles, and also each had a home made mini muffin and a cheese stick.

-Breakfast was oatmeal for all of us before we left for work/ school. I like dried cranberries and butter in mine, we each like something different.

-Lunch from home for me and hubs.

- A sweet co worker of mine gave me a back to school package today that had some germX, kleenex, post it notes, popcorn and trail mix. What a sweet surprise!

-Tonight when I got home I made up 8 more lunches for this week for me and my husband and put them in the fridge. I started with some long grain wild rice, and made a few batches of stir fry. I added a can of water chestnuts, onions, egg, red and green bell peppers, broccoli, and fresh pineapple. Some I added strips of deer steak and some I put ginger sauce and garlic in. This will give us some variety and I made the whole rest of the week of lunches for less than $7.00. I had everything on hand of course, but estimated what I spent on it when I bought it. The onions, egg and deer steak were from our own harvests. If we were to go out to eat it would easily be $80 for 8 lunches. Even for Lean Cuisine type meals we are looking at $20 or more dollars for us.

- We got 8 eggs from the hens ( Since we were at work today, I kept them up until I got home, they laid in the laying boxes, when I let them out in the daytime, some seem to lay elsewhere, we need to watch that, and try to find where the others are laying).

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