Friday, February 15, 2013

Free Educational Printables printable workbooks

I just wanted to share this site with you. It's great for homeschool and non-homeschooling families alike. You join the site (for FREE) and then you can search literally THOUSANDS of downloadable printables and worksheets on every subject imaginable. I have a Kindergartener and a 1st grader and can easily find worksheets and activities for them to do that are very specialized. One daughter likes fairies, no problem, the other daughter likes dinosaurs, again no problem. I really have enjoyed this site. You get a limited number of worksheets FREE a month, or you can order a subscription to be able to download entire workbooks. I haven't done that yet, but am considering it for the summer months. I have found that these are lifesavers for our little goody bags we bring with us when we travel, or for me to bring with us to church or waiting rooms. It gives the kids something to do that is new to them and educational. I just wanted to share, I know how much my readers value education and also FREE stuff. What a pair.

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  1. Thanks for the link. That might come in handy for the students I tutor.