Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bug Out Bags: What they are, why we need them

Let's talk about Bug Out Bags....
 Bug out Bags are really nothing more than a back pack, tote or bag of some
sort that can easily be grabbed and taken with you in the event of an emergency. Recent events just in my life include a tornado ( that thankfully didn't "get" my house but left us without power and without road access for a few days) and a snow storm that left us without power for almost a week, so we retreated to my in laws who didn't have power, but had a fireplace. I feel that it is very important to have these items handy and ready to go. Other examples of when you might need something like this include : hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and even scarier in events of terrorist attacks or other acts of violence.

 What should go in your bag?
1. Water Most sites recommend 1 liter per person per day, so a three day bag should have at least 3 liters of water.
 2. Food Military style MRE's are of course a good option, but we also have things like power bars, granola bars, dried fruit, nuts and trail mix.
 3. Clothing It's great to have an extra set of clothing, make sure it's the best bang for you buck though, as you can't carry a lot. I have a rain poncho, a sweatshirt, a pair of sweat pants, one tshirt and an extra pair of socks and shoes. It would be great if a warm blanket would fit in there as well.
 4. Emergency Supplies My husband and I each have a small first aid kit in our bags with things like gauze, band aids, antiseptic, aspirin and anti diarrheal medicine. We also have batteries, flashlights, a hand cranked radio,candles and matches.
 5. Fun Stuff When we were in the cellar last year our girls bags each had one book and one small toy. I also normally put a deck of cards in my bag as well for the kids.
 6. Personal documents I do have many personal documents in a safe box at the bank, but you will need things like account numbers, keys to safe boxes, drivers licenses etc. So make sure you have that in a safe place to take with you.
 7. Other items specific to your family Women will probably need feminine products of some sort. If you have medicines take that. Diapers may need to be considered if you have a little one.

 Overall just make sure you have a bag you can grab in a pinch , so you know you want have to worry about anything for a few days. Hopefully then you can return home, as the bug out bag outlined above is really only good for about 3 days.

 I'll talk in a different post about more long term survival type preps you can be doing.

 Until Next Time- Happy Homesteading

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  1. Very wise! One does need to be prepared for the unexpected. So thankful that you and your family are safe at the moment!