Thursday, October 11, 2012

Laura Ingalls Part 6: Other Books you might like

Part 1: Introduction to the Series, information about Laura
Part 2: The books!
Part 3: Dress like Laura
Part 4: Places to visit to have that "Laura Experience"
Part 5: Cook like Laura
Part 6: Other books you might enjoy

So we've talked about all kinds of Laura fun-ness. There are some other great books out there also for all of you fanatics. For the wee ones in your life there is a series called "My First Little House books"
These are more of a picture type book and most of them just condense one chapter of a Little House book into a small, easily read picture book. There is a whole set of these! Fantastic. You can find these on Amazon, Ebay and other sites. They are really easy to find, but I know that not everyone knows to be on the lookout for them. Definatly a must have for the little Laura Lovers in your life.

There is a great bio on Laura Ingalls Wilder that I found to be an easy , yet informative read.
Again Amazon is your friend on these books. Some of them are even free shipping.

The Little house Guidebook features beautiful photographs of the places where Laura and her family lived. This is a great picture bok for both adults and kids alike. There is a lot of narrative also though, it's not just pictures.
There are many other books out there also, I think you will find a quick looks-y around Amazon, Ebay or other book store site and you will have more to read than you can ever imagine.

This concludes my very pitiful attempt on intriguing my readers with Everything Laura. I have really enjoyed sharing this fantastic series of books and corresponding history lessons with my family. It gives me something positive to share, something that makes them love to learn and love to read. Something that at the end of the day I can feel good about them being interested in.Love to you Laura!!

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  1. Rachel, your Laura article was not at all pitiful, but one that I could very easily see a teacher using, either at school or at home. Lots of good information. It's sad that there are so many young adults who have never read these books, and a whole generation of people coming up who will probably not read them. They find reading and the subject matter boring. So sad. I had two boys and one girl, none of them are readers, but now I have 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, so I get a second chance to introduce them to wonderful literature.

    1. I guess pitiful in the sense that there is so much MORE really that can be delved into when teaching about not only Laura Ingalls, the Little House Books but also just the Prarie life in general and the whole period of history that represents in America. How wonderful that you are introducing your grand children to such a wonderful world of reading. Thanks for stopping by!