Monday, October 8, 2012

Laura Ingalls Part 4: Places to vist for that "Laura" Experience

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Part 4: Places to visit to have that "Laura Experience"
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Part 4: Places to vist to have that "Laura Experience"
The picture above is from a cute little old Homestead we took the kids to recently. You can read about it here, but since we are right in the middle of the Little House books the girls really enjoyed seeing what some of the houses were like in the "olden" days. No, the house isn't exactly what the books describe as what Laura lived in, but the point is that we got out together and explored something new.
There are some actual "Laura" places to visit though. I know my readers are from all over, and some of these may not be feasible, but if you are close you could easily drop in.
There is a musuem in Walnut Grove, Mn. There is a festival, museum, even a Laura and Nellie look alike contest.
Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Musuem. This is located in Mansfield , Missouri and is where she settled later in life . This is where she wrote her Little house books.
The Little House Historic Homes is located in De Smet, South Dakota and is the setting for her book, Little Town on the Praire. Also in De Smet is the Ingalls Homestead This looks great, they offer covered wagon rides, you can look at the school where Laura and Mary went to school, run through the prarie grasses and so much more! Maybe one day I'll make it there!
If you live in Iowa you could visit a home she lived in as a child. The Laura Ingalls Park and Musuem has a Parade, a 5k, a musuem, gift shop and more.
If you are interested in Almonzo ( her husband) you can visit his boyhood home. It is located in Malone New York.  
Kansas, which is where the Prarie actually came into play has a great musuem also, with the one room cabin that is written about so often in the book series.  They offer lamplight tours and other events including re-enactments which sound really great!
Hopefully you all can visit one of these, or a similiar place to give yourself and your family a glimpse into the past.


  1. What a great field trip! I'm sure most areas have some kind of homesteading museum or buildings in case folks don't live near one of the locations you mentioned.

    1. Absolutley. I think there is probably something similiar in many parts of the country. It was a great field trip for sure!