Sunday, March 20, 2011

So busy around here, and loving it!

I love Spring. I really , REALLY do! We have been so busy around here and I'm loving being able to enjoy the outside.

Last weekend on Saturday we went to a local Daffodil festival.
I realize you can't see the girls' faces in this picture, but I still think it is cute of them running through the beautiful flowers. We picked several bouquets and brought them home and have enjoyed them all week.

Then we had packed a picnic ( and a change into play clothes) and went hiking at a nearby state park. When it was just my husband and I we would do  many many miles, but the girls did great at 1.8 miles. I was proud of them, it was pretty rough terrain at times and we just took our time and enjoyed it.

We put out 2 more apple trees this last week, and planted 50 more Strawberry plants. These are called "whoppers" and claim to be as big as peaches...... we will see.

The Bradford pears and weeping cherries are in full bloom and are providing a beautiful blacksplash of color to the newly greening grass.

We put in our chick order at the local co op and they should be here around Thursday. Several of these are for my oldest to try her hand at showing them at the fair for 4H, but we also just wanted  to increase our flock a bit, with food prices going so crazy high, we may be wishing we had more eggs in the near future. Plus my oldest daughter will gather the eggs and there are a few people she will sell them to weekly, which helps out with the feed costs. I think it just teaches her good life skills as well.

We put out about 5 green onion sets, so those will be good hopefully this summer. I really like to just eat one with dinner at night, especially with freshly caught crappie......( which to non-southerners, is a perfectly delicious little freshwater  fish).

Until next time, happy homesteading

- Homesteading Quest


  1. So glad y'all are able to get outside. The photo of your girls looks absolutely delightful! Daffs are one of my favs, but I haven't been successful with them here. Enjoy your outdoor time! You've well earned it!

  2. We ordered the same and are waiting to see if they are that big!!!!We keep buying more chicks for 4H as weoll as hatching.Sounds like you are all keeping reather busy.

  3. WE will have to compare stawberries Jaime! Hopefully they will make. We love our strawberries. I freeze the extra in plastic freezer containers and ew like to eat them with a spoon while they are still frozen. The ice crystals make them kind of like a little icee....

  4. I have planted those whoppers before, in the climate that I live in they were not that flavorful, but I am curious how they will grow for you. Beautiful picture, what pretty dresses on your girls, very precious!

  5. Thanks! There is something amazingly beautiful about little girls in long dresses. LOVE it.
    Who knows about the strawberries, we are in the south, where did you guys try to grow them?

  6. I loved the picture of your girls in the daffodils. Spring is so exciting. Love your blog :)

  7. I live in Tillamook Oregon, which is on the coast. We get about 9 months of rain a year, which makes for a very short growing season. But gardening is what I love so I grow what I can :)

  8. Is that on Wye Mt.? Looks like it but I'm sure that's not the only one....just the only one I know of..haha