Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homesteading Quest Explanation

So, what exactly is this new venture I am undertaking?

Well I like to read other people's blogs about homesteading, gardening, natural living etc. and I wanted to do one of my own. I did want something a bit different though, so I thought of the idea of setting goals or "quests" and then blog about how they go. I'm thinking maybe monthly to start with, and of course all of my quests will have something to do with homesteading, simple living, gardening, cooking etc.

I want an online journal that I can keep to detail my journey into more self sufficient living and address the ups and downs of what that entails. I already have a few "quests" in mind so I will list a few that I have been thinking about:
- make apple butter
-make pear butter
-blackberry jam
-homeade chocolate pretzels ( I saw these last Christmas and not only were they adorable, but the girls both loved them)
- a month of only homeade bread
- a month of completely living from the pantry
- trying a set amount of Taste of Home Recipes in one month
-making candied pecans ( we always have a bounty of pecans and I need to start doing more with them than just cracking them and eating them aimlessly)
-growing my own sprouts in the kitchen

I have some other things I would like to challenge myself with monthly also so I think that this blog will really help me on my quest to learn new skills and try new things.

Right now it is crazy hot and much of our summer produce has already came off and been eaten or preserved. I'll start with my quests in August.

In June and July ( so far) I have put up
-12 pints mint apple jelly ( from frozen apple juice from last year)
- 60+ pints of salsa
-16 pints strawberry jam
-50 ears of corn ( frozen on the cob)
-8 oz dried dill

I'll write tomorrow to introduce a few of my animals and myself a bit more and one day I'll even upload pictures of our pets. Until then...........

Homesteading Quest........

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