Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy Day

Whew! today has been a busy day. We started the day early by going to the local Peach Orchard. We were there by 7 am and the girls had such fun looking for the best peaches. We ended up with 15 pounds of a variety of different kinds of peaches. I know that won't be enough to put any up , but we will have some great snacks and desserts next week with our peaches!

Then it was off to the local Farmer's Market. It's still pretty small where we are, but it is growing considerably. Mostly everything that they were selling were things that we already have in our garden like okra, peppers, squash, tomatoes, etc. but we did by 2 pounds of raw milk cheese, one was jalepeno (YUM) and the other is a white cheddar.

Next was to our local bakery for a snack. I've been going to this little bakery since I was a child and it's so fun. The girls picked out a cupcake and I bought some rolls to eat with our new cheese:). It is so hot here that just thinking about turning on anything to cook makes me sweat. It will be sandwiches and cold salads for a few more days until things can cool off a bit, then maybe some cooking and baking will resume.

I still haven't decided on my August Quest yet. I guess we will all find out tomorrow.

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