Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID 19 Update: Social Distancing Day 10

Kids School
Spring Break for myself as well as the kids. So we are not doing any kind of school work this week.

My Work
It is Spring Break at the university I work at, but I still have stuff to do. We are "online" for the rest of the semester. I worked about 3 hours this morning on different things I needed to do. But work is going well.

My Husband's Work
We are not used to working from home, so we don't have a "set office" or anything like that. So our dining room table is a make shift office. He does stuff with data and spreadsheets and has 2 huge  monitors as well as his normal desktop set up. But he is doing good. He's getting into a habit of waking up, taking a shower, then breakfast then starting his day. He gets off at 4, so he can log off and hang out with us now, without having any extra commuting time.

Mental Health
It's been rainy, and although it wasn't raining today it was a little cool and wet. But I made sure to get a 45 minute walk in, then played outside with the kids for a while. So we are doing pretty good. We are just now turning the tv on for the day ( 7pm) and my son and husband are watching a show and the girls are watching a show.

Supplies and groceries update
Still doing good. We haven't ran out of anything recently. I took out a turkey from the freezer and my husband cut down a hickory tree a few days ago so we made some chips for the smoker, and plan on smoking a turkey on Wednesday. We still have 10 rolls of toilet paper. We are out of fresh strawberries now, the only fresh fruit we have are grapes and kiwis. We are out of sandwich bread, but I can make bread if we decide it's necessary. I may make some later in the week when I make spaghetti.

fresh fruit
toilet paper
hand sanitizer
sandwich bread
Again, these are all things that if I were not quarantining and they were not out of, I would buy. But we are going to make due.

What's going on around us? 
In our state schools are closed until April 17th ( at least). So far there have been 197 confirmed cases of the virus, zero deaths that they are reporting. Yesterday the number was 169- so it's going up, although slower than I thought.  Our church did cancel their traditional services but the doors are open if folks want to come in and worship privately. We haven't done that yet, but may soon. The Economic stimulus bill did not pass, so I assume they will try again tomorrow?

 How is it looking in your area? What have you been doing to #flattenthecurve?

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