Sunday, October 8, 2017

I've slid back into the Non Frugal ways.... Need to get back on track

So you may recall that my previous blog post discussed a possible adoption for our family. You can read about it here. Well without going into all the details- that did not work out how we hoped. We are not the family that these children need and of course we wish them well. During the process of training for adoption, hoping for a placement and just a few other things that have been going on the last 6 or so months we just fell off the frugal wagon. Not terribly bad- but still bad.

There have been ebbs and flows for our frugality for sure! Right now we are in a let's get back on board mode. We haven't added any NEW debt which of course is great and we have paid off some debt- but not as much as I wish we would have.

You may also recall that I am coming in on the home stretch of my PhD and we have been cash flowing that degree as well as all related travel to the site ( about 12 hours away!!) and books and such. I am happy that we are able to cash flow that and that I have not added any new student loan debt while getting my doctorate. I've even managed to score several scholarships to help me along.

Today's Frugal Accomplishments
Today I made a big pot of chicken and dumplings in the crock pot and we have 4 servings left over- they are packaged up and ready to go for lunches next week for either my husband or myself.

I looked through our deep freezer and made a note of what all we have in there. I made a list of what meals we will have for this upcoming week.

We stayed at home all day today ( outside of church) so they only money we technically spent was the gas back and forth to church ( which is about 1 mile away).

My parents and husband and kids and I sat outside for about 2 hours today while the kids played on the trampoline and swing set and we all just visited.

How did you all spend this wonderful Sunday? Getting prepped for a frugal week?


  1. I'm sure the children that God has prepared for you and your family, we'll be there in the right time. :)
    Aeound here, we try to be frugal also, but sometimes it's hard... But we are trying!

    1. Thanks Paula! I know you are right! If there is a child that is meant for our family we'll get that child in due time! Thanks for your comment.