Saturday, August 20, 2016

A rainy ( but productive) Saturday

It's been raining here a lot... We are not in the flood zones; our thoughts and prayers are with those in Louisiana though.

I got up early and had some coffee and read a bit. Then my oldest daughter went to collect eggs. We have quite the stockpile so I decided to make and freeze some breakfast burritos for breakfast next week.

I had some home made sausage from a wild boar we got last year and then added some  bell peppers from the garden with about a dozen eggs and wrapped them up in a nice flour tortilla. Then I wrapped them in foil and put them in a big baggie and put in the freezer. Bam; 10 breakfasts ready to go....

I then made about 3-4 dozen home made chocolate chip cookies, which will be yummy snacks for us all next week.

Lunch was tacos made with deer meat, tortillas, black beans and peppers on mine and hubbies, no peppers for the kids.

I made 2 gallons of tea to drink for the next few days. Un sweetened , but my kids don't really know what sweet tea is to taste like, so they don't know..

Other updates around the homestead:

Our pears which normally are amazingly abundant seem to be lacking this year and on top of that there appears to be an insane amount of squirrels that are eating them... I'm not sure how many we'll get.

We are still getting a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden, but the main harvests of our summer crops are mostly over.

We are still getting eggs daily which is a blessing.

The muscadines and grapes also aren't doing as well as normal. I'm hoping for enough for some jelly and juice...

What's going on around YOUR homestead???

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