Thursday, July 14, 2016

Back to school shopping with ThredUp! You get $10 to sign up

You may be starting to think about back to school shopping. Or just clothes for your littles in general. You need to be looking at ThredUp.

ThredUp actually has clothes for men, women and kids of all sizes. They are preused ( although some I have gotten new with tags!). You get great prices. I like ThredUp for a few reasons:

You can request to have a clean out bag sent to you, and then send them your clothing.They will resell it for you and send you a check. I myself have never done this, but I have known a few people that have and have been fairly happy.

I love that these clothes are being basically recycled, there is no need to buy new if you don't have to. You are getting some great deals!

You can shop from your pajamas and get some AMAZING deals. I just got the following for my oldest daughter.

The jean jacket is here favorite ( she is beginning to really enjoy clothes). I got all three items ( the shirt is new with tags) for $18.96 which included shipping! However I had some credits in my account of $20 that I got for sharing my link with others and having them sign up, so my entire order was FREE!!!

You can't beat FREE. 

Sign up through my link and you get $10 to shop with!!! Free $10. If nothing else you could get yourself a nice scarf or something for totally Free. 

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