Friday, April 15, 2016

Ozark Folk Center

We loaded up the kiddos and headed up to the mountains in Mountain View, AR for a day at the Ozark Folk Center.
 This is a cute little place to visit, it's actually part of the State Park system that has living history all throughout the park. Each little shop has things to purchase like the one above had herbs.
This is a replica of a one room schoolhouse that we checked out. 

The little one is above checking out how they used to keep the school house warm. 

 We all sat in one of the desks and I did a short lesson about Abraham Lincoln ( really they just wanted to sit in the chairs and pretend like they were at school).

 There are cute little handmade bird feeders hanging around everywhere, with plenty of squirrels.
 I love this cabin. It's a replica of a one room cabin ( with a loft upstairs). I honestly think I could live in this cabin today. It's just so neat and cool. 

There are so many shops , the one here is where they weave things like rugs, placemats, scarves etc. You can actually give it a go, you can watch them make things and then they sell their wares. There is also a quilt shop, candle shop, knife shop, pottery shop, stained glass shop, broom shop, soap shop, art shop, doll shop, jewelry shop etc. etc. etc. There are so many things to go and do and each one you can watch the workers and most let the kids help out a bit. 

When you get hungry there is a great place to eat Ozark favorites ( I had brown beans, cornbread and fried okra) and several snacky type places. They also have live music, which is great. 

I would recommend going if you have this within maybe 4-5 hours of where you live. It's a very nice, fun family day. 


  1. We *L O V E* Ozark Folk Center! It looks like y'all had a great time! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. It's amazing. I think people really don't expect it to be so wonderful.