Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's happening around the homestead?

Oh my goodness, with school starting ( which also means back to work for me) I just haven't been doing well keeping up with the blog. So what's been happening on the homestead lately?

We are still getting muscadines, grapes, pears and peppers.

I have in kale and mustard greens. That is probably going to be the extent of the fall garden this year, with the exception of some turnips perhaps.

Getting one goat ready for show, as well as some of the chickens and rabbits.
Getting between 14-16 eggs a day.

They are getting the animals ready for fair ( which is next week) and are also showing some of our peppers, muscadines, pears, eggs and some of their artwork and photography in the fair. We are all pretty excited.

I'm working on my PhD, I'm not sure that I have mentioned that, but it is certainly in full swing so not as much time for pleasure reading now. But I am in the midst of three good books.
Blessing the Hands that Feed us by Vicki Robin ( expect a review soon)
Laura Ingalls Wilder Pioneer Girl - The Annotated Autobiography by Pamela Smith (editor)
Playing for Pizza by John Grisham ( because I love him and had somehow missed this book).

Utilizing the eggs in a lot of dishes lately, that is helpful in keeping our food costs low (and local). I have been stocking up on some canned goods for the winter also, things like canned corn, green beans and soups. These are all things my family likes and even though we aren't in the NorthEast where winters are brutal, most of our winter storm damage is from ice, and we can be out of electricity and out of commission driving for days on end, based on where we live in the country. So I like to keep the pantry a little fatter in the winter months than normal. 

What has been keeping you busy this fall around the homestead?

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