Monday, July 13, 2015

Mid Summer check in

I have been busy to say the least. And it is really getting hot here. I've been doing my animal tending, gardening , jogging etc in the MORNING before about 9 am or it really is pretty un bearable.

So you can always see my 2015 canning updates here .

 This is an old picture from last year when I had a canning party !
This year we have had lots and lots of cucumbers. You can see in my canning list that I have made pickles. I've done bread and butter, spicy dill and regular dill. I still may make a few more quarts. I've also give away probably 20 gallons to my friends that want to make pickles, and I've sold about $50 to folks on a Facebook group ( like an online yardsale). We also like to keep the cut up and cold in the fridge and snack on them throughout the day, and I have used them as a facial mask ( get them cold then put them on my eyes). Not sure if it works but it feels good. I also cut a few up and keep it in a pitcher of water in the fridge. Something a bit refreshing about it.
We slice them and put them on sandwiches and I have made several salads and such out of them. A few of my favorites are :
The cucumbers are about finished for the season, I expect maybe a few more quarts of pickles, and some to snack on, but not a substantial amount. 
I only made 4 quarts of blueberry pie filling, and I wished I could have made more. This is all our blueberries made this year as they are still young, and honestly I was impressed with that many. I just couldn't buy any at the farmer's market to make pie filing with, I hope to make some peach and apple pie fillings as well, so buying blueberries at the Farmer's market seemed a bit frivolous. We had plenty to snack on and I made a few cobblers and even some homemade ice cream and fried pies with them.
Now we are coming upon what I like to call, the hottest of the hot. Tomatoes, black-eyed peas, peppers and okra are all coming in strong. I see many more hours of salsa, pepper relish and shelling peas. Be sure to check out my recipe for pepper relish. It is delicious and we all love ( grown ups, it's spicy for kids)
What have ya'll been up to? Anything especially doing well? Anything that was a flop?

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