Saturday, May 16, 2015

More strawberries!

Strawberries are just pretty awesome. I've already put up one batch of strawberries this season. You can read about that here. But we just  LOVE strawberries. Remember there are five of us. Me and the hubs then three young kiddos. We go through some jam. PBandJ's of course, but also on biscuits, scones, toast, etc.
I decided I should go ahead and put some more jam up. It's no fun to get to the end of the winter and be out of your favorite treat. By the way, my jam is pretty great. I just follow the Sure Jel Recipe, but it turns out quite well.
I just got two flats this time.
 We have a great strawberry farm not too far from our house.So we went this morning.
Aren't they beautiful? So sweet!

For this batch I ended up with 1 quart, 6 pints and one half pint of jam. Then two pints of frozen strawberries. We still have about half a flat left for us to eat this week. I doubt they make it but another day or so....

I thought these turned out a nice color. The picture isn't quite showing the beauty, but I think I may enter the one on the right in the fair. It turned out gorgeous.
 If you have been keeping up with my 2015 canning totals ( or if you would like) please check out my Total page here.
Happy Homesteading Y'all!

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