Monday, February 16, 2015

Back to why I started this blog...

A sort of a "back to the basics" type post.
 I think this header kind of tells it all... I started this blog to kind of chronicle my quest towards a life of homesteading... Canning, cooking, gardening, being frugal, learning to live on less.... It's all here folks. I've outlined a few popular posts below...
Teaching my kids about the life as we go ( my father and my eldest daughter)

Some recipes for some great local entrees :)

 Gardening posts are always popular here on the blog

And one of my most popular posts was about my canning party, I had with a friend that produced tons of delicious food ( not to mention fellowship)
I also have a few posts on just one small thing you can do to get you going in the direction you are wanting to end up, assuming you are wanting to homestead yourself. Please view those here:
Hopefully, these few posts will give you a few things to browse on this cold, wintry day ( at least it is here).
Until next time, Happy Homesteading


  1. Sounds like we have a lot in common! Thanks for joining in the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We will gladly follow along ;)

  2. Great links and info! We started our homestead about three years ago and it is a fun family adventure!

  3. Your photos look great and I agree with Jes above that we have a lot in common. Thank you for sharing at Good morning Mondays. Blessings