Monday, May 19, 2014

Knowing what matters

We live right in the middle of where the recent EF4 Tornado came through about 3 weeks ago. We were in the storm cellar, with my husband, brothers and dad pushing against the door to keep it closed. We felt it come over, heard it, felt the air sucked up from the cellar. Let me tell you, it was scary!

Once it was over, we peeked outside and saw trees down everywhere, debris was everywhere but our house, as well as my parents ( right down the road) were all safe. A few out buildings were gone, and many trees but we are VERY thankful we are all okay. We looked and could see that the path was probably less than 500 yards from us....

My thoughts immediatly turned to our family friend/ babysitter. We could tell her house was in the path of the storm. She is such a precious lady and has watched our kids for the last 5 years.

I texted her immediatly to ask how they were...

She texted me back " We are all okay! So thankful!!!""

So, like all good country boys, my dad, brothers and husband go out with their chain saws and tractors/4 wheelers to check on neighbors. They got back in about 2 a.m and my husband tells me that our babysitter's home, barn, camper, and all of their other outbuilding like their sheds, goat pens etc were gone....


I guess what struck me was that in the midst of total MATERIAL devastation, she told me " We are all okay, so thankful!!!"

I wrongly assumed, that she meant their home was safe as well. She later told me that in the sheer and utter chaos there was nothing to do but thank the good Lord that her family was okay. They were in the cellar as well.

Our community has come together. We have grieved the loss of friends and community together. We have relied, not on FEMA, not on the Red Cross, not on any other government agency to help. We have helped each other and are relying on our friends and family during this time.

So two lessons in the midst of this storm
1- Make sure you have a cellar
2- Know what matters



  1. So sorry to hear you had to go through this and that friends/family, etc. have been affected. Brings me back to that feeling of being so out of control after Hurricane Katrina. It's crazy how these things work - I had one cousin whose yard was completely decimated by Katrina, but the house itself only lost a single shingle. Events like this are a strange way to get you know your neighbors, but they definitely bring people together.

  2. Such a strong reminder of what really matters in life! Thank you for sharing your story. Prayers for a strong rebuilding of your community, and for those who have lost so much.

  3. Disasters do indeed bring folks together. Thankful that you and your neighbors are still here to tell the tale. Having been through Hurricane Andrew many years ago, I feel your pain. Stick together and you can accomplish anything! God bless.

  4. I saw the link on the homestead barn hop. The picture looks like the community that surrounds my church. Several of my church family lost their homes. Others sustained damage. We have been involved in the relief efforts. One of the biggest things we have been reminded of is what is important: God and lives. Another lesson has been the importance of community. The way people have pulled together to share resources and care for each other show us that storms may come but they will not prevail. May God bless you and yours.

  5. My husband's family was in the tornado of '74. They had been in the school gym 5 minutes before it was leveled. They had found shelter in the school hallway. Have always thanked God for protecting my future husband. So glad you were all safe!

  6. we were directly in the storm here leap day 2012 and wow did it shake our community to the core. NOt everything replaced yet, we lost several community members as well. Thankful that you all are ok and made it out and yes it is best to know what all we have that is most valuable and what to do in midst of storm