Monday, March 25, 2013

Confession Time- Homeschooling

Sigh.... It's hard to write this.
 Partly because I feel guilt because of some financial choices that my husband and I have made that don't allow us to do this.

But I want to homeschool.

We have 3 kids right now ages 7, 5 and 18 months. We would love to have more... I really just want to be able to allow them a learning experience that they can't get at a public school. One based on their personal goals, wants and interests. One that I can monitor to ensure that Biblical principles are being taught as my husband and I want them to be taught. Our public schol is amazing by the way. No real complaints with that, it's a small school, very family oriented, but it's just not the same.

 So what's the problem??

Money. That's the problem

. Unfortunatley while going to school ( I have 2 Masters Degrees) and my husband has a Bachelor's we racked up some serious student loan debt.... We also have a home.

 We live on land that is absolutley beautiful and it's right down the small dirt road from my parents. It gives the kids 3 ponds, a huge stream and numerous other places to explore the outdoors. It also gives us the ability to have an orchard, gardening spots, chickens, a well etc. It's perfect. But the mortgage has to be paid. We don't have Cable, or a homephone, we try to live frugally. It's just frustrating for me. At this time I make more money that my husband. I do love my job but would quit in a heartbeat if I knew we could afford it. We just seem to be in a pickle...

Right now we are praying and seeking guidance. We also have been working feverishly to pay off all of our debt, but even being intense it could be at last 6 years. My oldest would be 13 by then, my youngest would only be in 1st grade or so, so I could still homeschool. My husband is also exploring other employment options that may allow him to make more money. But the job market right now....

I just feel bad about our decisions we made regarding loans and our mortgage. Our house isn't a mansion by any means, it's very modest, and especailly with 5 people living in it, it isn't large, but we probably could have done things differently to build a smaller home and had less of a mortgage payment....

So a warning to all of you out there wanting to stay at home and homeschool, PLAN for it NOW. Get your financies in order, cash flow college if you want to go.

Don't let a cloud of debt ruin your life goals... If you are in a position similiar to mine, please don't give up. If you have a goal, a dream like this please know that you can work to pay it off and come out on the other side , in the sunshine. Don't give up!

Sorry for the downer of a post, I don't want to come off as complaining, as I am truly blessed.
 I am grateful for my job, and my beautiful children and I am thankful we live in a great school

Happy Homesteading.....

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  1. My heart is with you. I can't imagine how difficult it is. I am assuming your children attend the public school right now. You know, the wonderful thing about homeschooling is the fact you can do it any time of day! It's freedom from the normal school schedule. Kids who are young, really don't need to much book learning. I would look at your options as to where they are while you work. Have them do the easier stuff and when you get home from work, you can do the things that might take a little more help. You would be amazed to know how little they really do need you in some subjects.

    In any case, you can find support and I do hope you get the answers you are looking for.

  2. I feel for ya. We are blessed to be able to homeschool (actually unschool) our special needs child. I work at night and my husband works full-time during the day.
    Is there any way you could refinance or work from home? If you make more, maybe hubby could work from home. Maybe you could network with local homeschoolers to see how they do it or ask for suggestions.
    Homeschooling is such a blessing and you will not regret making the choice, I can assure you.
    Hoping you find clarity and peace...

    1. We have talked about my husband staying home and me working. He is willing to do it for sure, but I just really feel a desire that I should be the one schooling our children. I don't think he would find it as fulfilling as I would either... Thank so much for the encouragement, I really appreciate it and hope to figure out something soon. I have also thought about working part time, or maybe part time from home even. We would need to payoff our student loans first, but I think that may be a viable option.

  3. I am planning on sending my son to publis school and doing the home school stuff in the morning before school and at night before dinner. They also have a half day on Mondays so I thought it would be our field trip days. I think that you could probably cover all the topics you want to do over the weekends too. I am sure that your children will get everything that they need because you seem to set on giving it to them :) That is the most important part!!

    1. Thank you. I have puchased some curriculum and we do some thigns in the evenings and weekends. Right now we are learning about Pilgimas/ Puritans/ Colonial Days. They love it and don't get much if any history in school while in K and 1st grade.

  4. I'm sorry to hear this. We have been homeschooling for 3 years and I direct a Classical Conversations community. It's a paying job and they are growing the program around the country. It wasn't hard to start a group and I'm patio ate about the program so it's not difficult to run. The money s not a whole lot but there are opportunities. Several of my moms in my community also work and homeschool. They homeschool in the evenings and weekends and have family help with kids during work hours. We use Classical and Charlotte Mason methods.

  5. Please don't beat yourself up! The money for student loans wasn't wasted, for one. It's enabled your husband to have work and it has given you a back up plan (2 degrees!) to fall back on if something tragic happened and he could no longer work. Too many women are so focused on being moms and homemakers that they don't see the importance of having a backup plan for themselves & their kids if the worst happens. And it sounds like you are otherwise living within your means (no cable, for example) which is also smart.

    I work in an urban public school district that is NOT a good public school system. Part of this is because too mnany parents forget that they need to supplement what the teacher does in class. So, like other commenters have said, look for ways to teach your kids outside of school. Any event can provide learning opportunities so don't let the inability to homeschool 100% hold you back from being a key part of your children's education!