Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How I Fry my Okra

Like most gardens in the South we have an abundance of Okra. I plan on pickling some, but honestly it is just so delicious right from the vine, into the pan , onto my plate. I fry it. I'm a good Southener..... I do use olive oil though, so that helps....

Start out with your okra, and cut up into "coins". I like to put mine into a colander, as it helps with the washing later on. I also like to cut up a garlic clove or two and tonight I put a few cayenne peppers from the garden in it for spice. Yum-me.

When everything is cut up I start to get the frying pan HOT. I pour in olive oil ( you can use other kinds of oil too, like vegetable if you want).

Then I wash the okra and kind of shake it to get the excess water off. Then I dump all of the newly wet okra into my mixture I made of yellow corn meal with a little salt and pepper.

I than shake off the excess corn meal mixture and put into the frying pan. And I wait. And I smell the delicious aroma, and I wait some more. And I stir. You want to reduce heat and kind of let simmer after the initial "shock" of the hot oil.

Add a few baby roma's fresh from the garden and another cayenne, and you have a delicious, frugal, delicious, ( did I say that already???) meal.

And a close up just to make you jealous...

Until next time, Happy Homesteading...

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